Carol Leigh on Sex Worker Art for Panel for European Sex Workers Rights Alliance

Sex Worker Activism Through Art
Speakers Carol Leigh and Marianne Chargois
Art is used by sex workers to reclaim media and public space through various forms and processes. Some initiatives are born out of the emergency of a situation, others are part of a long term anti-stigma work. In all cases, the works that emerge reflect the ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking and derision that characterizes sex workers’ perspectives.

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One thought on “Carol Leigh on Sex Worker Art for Panel for European Sex Workers Rights Alliance

  1. Hello Carol Leigh, How about a blast from the past – from Brother Billy Bob – chief prophet and weather man – Universal Life in Trust and Casualty Network. How have you been – I can see you have been active from your videos. I went on to make my Crystal Stix, Juggling Sticks and sell them a Renaissance Festivals around the country and make a few videos along the way (check out Bill Vestal and billvestal channels on YouTube). I worked with Charlie Brown on some of it.
    I have thought about the fun times on the TWIT Show and being your friend. I looked for Elaines Place on the net but did not find anything. Hope life has treated you well.

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